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Small Estate Affidavit Attorney in Plan,TX

Probate Attorney John F. Williams, Jr. Can Assist You with Filing Your Small Estate Affidavit

Small Estate Affidavit Attorney in Plan,TXMy Plano TX Estate Planning Law Firm has helped many families file Small Estate Affidavits when the deceased passes without a last will and testament or Living Trust. In certain circumstances when the estate of the deceased falls below a certain dollar value, we can avoid filing a Determination of Heirship and Administration.

In cases that meet the criteria established under the Texas Probate Code a Small Estate Affidavit and Order Approving the Affidavit may be filed in an abbreviated Court process. It typically does not require a Court hearing. The Texas Probate Code sets forth that for a Small Estate to be utilized the following must be true and correct:

  • No petition for probate or administration is pending
  • Thirty days have passed since the death of the deceased
  • Value of the estate, not including homestead and exempt property, does not exceed $50,000
  • Value of the non-exempt property exceeds the amount of liabilities of the deceased

Once we meet and determine that this is a feasible option for you, our law firm can help you prepare and file the Small Estate Affidavit to have your estate issues settled.

If you have other questions regarding Wills, Estate Planning, or Living Trusts, please contact the Law Offices of John F. Williams, Jr. today. Contact Us for your Free Consultation and I look forward to serving your needs.