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Muniment of Title Attorney in Plano, TX

Attorney John F. Williams, Jr. Can Help You File a Muniment of Title Probate

Muniment of Title Attorney in Plano, TXIn Texas, the Law Offices of John F. Williams, Jr. have on many occasions helped clients settle their deceased loved one’s estate. We have done this without going through the entire Probate process, known as Muniment of Title. If you’re filing a Muniment of Title you are simply trying to probate the Will in order to transfer real estate (and certain other property) under the terms of the Will. This type of probate cannot be used if:

  • An executor is not appointed
  • You are required to produce an inventory of assets
  • You liquidate the assets to pay off debts
  • You notify creditors and ultimately distribute the remainder of the estate to beneficiaries

Muniment of Title probate is beneficial for one main reason. It is the shortest and most efficient way to probate the Last Will and Testament.

In order to file a Muniment of Title you will need to have the original will, a certified copy of death and the applicable filing fees to open the case. It is important to bring these items with you to the initial consultation with your attorney. I want to stress that you meet with a qualified probate attorney before deciding if this is the correct form of probate you need to pursue.

A full-blown probate is only available during the four year period following the date of death. Though in certain circumstances a Muniment of Title may be used after this period of time. To best determine what type of probate will work, take the opportunity to contact my office for a Free Consultation and we can quickly decide the best method of probating your loved one’s Will.

If you have any other questions regarding probate, Wills, Trusts, or Estate Planning please contact the Law Offices of John F. Williams, Jr. today. Call Today for your Free Consultation and I look forward to serving your needs.