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Asset Protection Planning Plano in TX

The Law Offices of John F. Williams, Jr. are Qualified to Help You Create Asset Protection Planning Strategies

Asset Protection Planning Plano in TXAttorney John F. Williams, Jr. knows how important Asset Protection Planning is from an estate planning perspective. It is also important for dealing with creditors and individuals who bring frivolous lawsuits against you and your family.

Asset protection planning can be a very important part of an overall estate plan. A lot of people are under the impression that by having a living trust, they have created a measure of asset protection for themselves. A living trust is not a comprehensive solution. If you want to avoid probate, then having a fully funded living trust will eliminate most any probate expenses. If you want your Living Trust to protect assets against nursing homes or future long term care expenses, your trust can not do that. There are other advanced estate planning strategies we recommend for asset preservation against nursing homes and long term care “spend down”.

If you are shielding your estate from possible future estate taxation or deterrence of lawsuits from creditors, we have excellent asset protection tools that will help prevent this. My law firm uses Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Homestead protection strategies, Family Limited Partnerships, and certain LLCs (limited liability corporations) to shield your assets and estate from either of these liabilities.

There is not a “bulletproof” asset protection strategy that is 100% guaranteed to eliminate any and all liabilities. A combination of these plans can be more effective than a living trust alone.

Asset protection is ultimately about preparation and advance planning. Our job is to help you make it difficult for creditors and predators to find or access your assets. It takes the experience and knowledge of a qualified attorney who is well versed in utilizing different strategies. You need Attorney John F. Williams, Jr. to achieve protection and preservation of your assets.

If you have other questions regarding asset protection planning, estate planning, wills or living trusts, please contact the Law Offices of John F. Williams, Jr. for your FREE CONSULTATION. I look forward to serving your needs.