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Small Estates Protection in Plano, TX

Estate Planning Attorney John F. Williams, Jr. Recommends Basic Planning For Small Estates

Small Estates Protection in Plano, TXAt the Law Offices of John F. Williams, Jr., we suggest that all families and individuals consider establishing basic estate planning documents. This prevents possible loss of control in future personal and financial decisions. Regardless of whether you feel you have a Small Estate or a large estate, you should consider the following reasons to do your estate planning now. In the future, if you ever become unable to make decisions for yourself, would you prefer a loved one helping you or allow the State of Texas to determine your fate?

I have worked in estate planning for many years and, I have never known a person who would prefer the decision of a judge over that of a family member or close friend.

Basic Planning for Individuals

Estate planning for individuals with small estates consists of a Last Will and Testament, Powers of Attorney for health and finance, an Advanced Directive and a HIPAA Release. These documents will ensure that if you ever become incapacitated or meet an untimely death, the decisions you make today will be in place for tomorrow.

Basic Planning for Couples

If you are married and have minor children, all the documents listed above are necessary along with guardianship provisions. It is a given that if something happens to you or your spouse, the other would continue on. But if something happened to both of you then those family members or close friends that you appointed will be counted on to follow through with your wishes, especially as it applies to raising your children. I can’t stress enough to parents the need to establish proper Guardianship for their children. A simple oral agreement between family and friends is not enough for the court.

Every couple or single parent needs to establish basic estate planning to eliminate any second guessing. My law firm can help you create the necessary legal documents. As time goes on, we will meet every 3 years to review your estate plan to make sure nothing has changed, either with the laws or in your personal plans.

There is a lot to discuss at the initial meeting and this is why I offer you a Free Consultation to address your questions and concerns. When our visit is complete, you will a clear plan for the future of your estate. You will also know the necssary investment to ensure the protection you desire for yourself and your loved ones.

Don’t delay, Contact Us today. Call me, John F. Williams, Jr. Estate Planning Attorney and I will meet with you personally to help you achieve your goals and “Peace of Mind”.